Unit Elections

Questions regarding election into the Order of the Arrow.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. A Scout was accidentally left off the ballot during an election. Can we hold another one?  
  2. A Scout who recently joined my troop camped a lot in his previous troop. Should that camping be counted when deciding if he can be listed on the election ballot for my troop’s unit election?  
  3. Can a Lone Scout be elected into the Order?  
  4. Can a Scout use the same camping nights towards the requirements of Camping merit badge and for the OA camping requirement?  
  5. Can a troop/team conduct its own election?  
  6. Can a unit leader or council add requirements to the national OA requirements for election?  
  7. Can a unit use pre-printed ballots in an election?  
  8. Can elections be held in Crews and Ships?  
  9. Do youth members have to be present to vote in an election, or can they participate by phone or Skype or vote through an absentee ballot?  
  10. Do youths have to be present to be placed on the election ballot and be elected?  
  11. Does the long term camp have to be at my council’s camp?  
  12. I am a Troop Scoutmaster, how do I request a unit election?  
  13. I went on several camping trips when I was registered as a Webelos den leader and before I registered as an assistant Scoutmaster. Can those trips count towards the OA camping requirement?  
  14. If a Scout goes to summer camp and a jamboree in the same summer, how do these count towards the camping requirement?  
  15. What are the membership requirements to be elected?  
  16. What does “… under the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America” mean in the camping requirement?  
  17. What’s the status in the Order of assistant Scoutmasters and assistant Varsity Scout Coaches who are under age 21?  
  18. When does a Scout have to earn his First Class Rank to become eligible for election?  

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