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Can a Cub Den Leader wear a Lodge Flap?
Once a Scout or Leader goes through his Ordeal, he is a member of the Order of the Arrow for the rest of his life (as long as he is registered with the BSA and has paid his annual lodge dues). If he moves to new city, he needs to connect with the local OA Lodge in each Council to continue his active membership. Generally, all you need to do is to pay your dues in your new lodge.

Once you have paid your dues and are an active member again, you can then wear the OA Lodge flap on your uniform. This is true for all adults registered as BSA leaders, no matter what part of the program (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing) they are currently in.

If the new Lodge needs verification of your OA membership from Occoneechee, please let us know.

Last Updated 6 years ago

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