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I went on several camping trips when I was registered as a Webelos den leader and before I registered as an assistant Scoutmaster. Can those trips count towards the OA camping requirement?
The Order of the Arrow’s membership eligibility requirements focus on youth Boy Scouts, and the camping requirement must be fulfilled through camping done while a Boy Scout. Because of this, time spent camping as a Cub Scout does not count towards OA eligibility. This makes sense when we consider another requirement, which is that election candidates be First Class Scouts, and work towards the First Class requirements cannot begin until a boy becomes a Boy Scout.

Similarly, camping done by unit adults only counts towards OA membership when the adults are registered as Boy Scout or Varsity Team leaders. Thus, camping done while registered as a Webelos den leader does not count towards OA eligibility (unless the adult is also registered in a troop or team at the time).

Last Updated 6 years ago

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